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A Note From Teacher Christie

Hello! My name is Christie Louis! 

I have been an educator for over 20 years with experience in both the brick and mortar setting,  as well as have taught virtually.
It wasn’t until two years ago, that I decided to leave the brick and mortar teaching setting for good.  With so many changes, some of which I could not stand behind, I decided that ending that chapter would be best for my family and I.  I knew I wanted to continue my teaching journey with children as teaching is a passion of mine, I just new it would look a bit different.
As I researched various platform opportunities for online teaching, I stumbled across a platform that sounded right up my alley.  It allowed me to be my own independent teaching contractor, teach the academic content I created to share with students, without the stressors of passing a test or fitting inside of the exact box as every other student.   I love what I do and even more, love the impact I’m continuing to make on these children. 
All of this said, with more recent current events and the Covid virus that has impacted ALL OF US in one way or another, I knew I wanted to do even more to help families. There is an evident struggle when it comes to our kids’ education.  I thought to myself, “I’m already creating courses and teaching these LIVE to students. Why not take these same lessons and prerecord them so that families of all schedules could utilize them?”  These prerecorded courses would be housed on a website where families can scroll through various academic content areas in the grade level applicable to them.  Each course would have a price associated and families could then access these classes when, where, and how often they wanted.  Students could watch the course(s) in the privacy of their own comfortable living environment,  watch at their own pace, and choose their own learning style that helps them reach their academic success. 
 All of these thoughts are those in which motivated me to create Teacher CreationsCo! I wanted to create a convenient, self-paced teaching tool for families dealing with the challenges that the school year may bring and the many unknowns that are ahead of us.  Teacher CreationsCo is an online educational platform families can use as a supplemental resource to support where children need help the most.
Teacher Christie

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