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Easy Multiplication Strategies


Have you ever felt like you were racking your brain to figure out the best way to teach Multiplication to either your student and/or your own children?  Maybe you yourself needed those extra tips and tricks to work through learning your multiplication facts.  

 As an educator and mom, I too found myself in this same position.  That is until I came across some tips and tricks that would help my children and students memorize these facts.  Research shows that when we associate things we're learning with a song, a beat, a rhyme, finger tricks, stories, and even visuals, we'll be more apt to have the ability to retain information.

After quite a bit of searching, I found the perfect way to teach the Multiplication Facts from 0-9.  Some of these tricks include nicknames, pictures, and finger tricks.
This is when my TPT product, "Magical Numbers" was born.

Each multiplication fact from 0-9 have an organic and creative piece of clipart associated with each number created by my amazing daughter! I mean really! What? She's so talented!  In addition to each clipart piece, there is an explanation of how each fact works and how students can commit these to memory.  Above, you will see an example of the fact of 7.  The strategy for this fact is correlated with the fun game we all know and love....TIC TAC TOE!  Well, it's not the game per say, but we use the Tic Tac Toe grid to help organize our facts of 7 that can aid students in memorizing the equations 0x7 all the way to 7x9.  

If you make your way over to the "Courses" tab, you'll find a variety of classes I have prerecorded.  Take a look at "Magically Master your Multiplication Facts" and you will see how each of these facts are utilized.  

Happy Multiplying!

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