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Easiest Method - Sentence Writing

If you're anything like me, you have found yourself beating your head up against the wall, doing back flips, chanting cheers, and pulling out all of the stops to get your child to write a single sentence.  

I have seen this same struggle within the elementary classroom as well.  The first struggle is to try and remember what the different parts of speech are (their names let alone their definitions) but putting it all together to form a single thought?!!! That is a TASK! 

Throughout my teaching career, I have found myself in many professional development classes, staff meetings, and watched numerous videos.

Then I had an epiphany!

Who knew putting together a simple form such as the one above would CHANGE my life! This little piece of heaven took myself, my students, and my own kids from pure frustration to a calm and confident learning situation.

If you'd like to see how I use this, click here!  


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