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Dynomite Sight Words


I'm not sure about you, but teaching children to read is no "walk in the park".  At least, this is my story.  

My little guy has always struggled to read.  Many times, it takes quite a bit for him to have any "buy in".  As a teacher, this mindset just killed me inside!  I knew I had to create something that would be of interest to him and that would then motivate him to learn his sight words.

DINOSAURS!!! YES.....that's IT!

My kiddo LOVES everything dinosaurs! So, I had my talented clip artist draw me up some dinosaurs and we slapped on some sight words.  He was so excited when I shared these guys that he was willing to sit down and read with me.  


What is your child's INTERESTS? 

This is so important when working with an apprehensive learner.  Find out what interests them.  This is important in all subject areas.  When students are interested in the topic (especially if they can choose), you'll have way more success and less pull back.  

If you're interested in grabbing these sight words, click here!  



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