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It's Not Your Boring Vowels!


Have you ever wanted to dance, sing, jump, flip, or even skate? Any of these ACTIONS you choose to do would put you into a "vivacious" mood.  


Practicing vowel letters, their sounds, patterns, and even pairs, doesn't have to be grueling or boring.  Making learning lively and animated makes whatever is being taught..... "stick".   In this TPT (Teacher Pay Teacher) product, learners are provided with 40 Task Cards that have various questions pertaining to vowels. To provide learners with   a self-check option, each Task Card has an answer card associated.  


In addition to the Task Cards provided in this pack, a Choice Board is included as we know that not all students learn the same.  As an educator of over 20 years, it has been my passion to create lessons that are applicable for every type of learner.  If your learner is kinesthetic, hands-on, auditory, visual, or all of the  above, we've got an activity for you!  


So come and check it out and get your "VOWELS" on with my "Vivacious Vowels" Pack.


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